Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) and the
Jaw Shave

A prominent lower jaw gives the face a square, masculine look and can be considered unattractive for females and transsexuals. Having a jaw shave can reduce the appearance and size of thejaw, making it rounder and narrower at the square corners near the back of the jawbone. An additional jaw shave procedure involves cutting the large masseter muscles, which attach at the jaw corners, to create an even narrower appearance at the angles. For some people this is very feminizing.

A jaw shave typically involves incisions inside the mouth, though can be made externally under the jaw. Patients over 40 may experience loose skin around the jaw or chin after a jaw shave. This can be tightened after the original jaw shave procedure with a lower face-lift.

Jaw Shave Procedure

Jaw Shave Recovery

Jaw Shave Complications