Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) and
Forehead Bossing Surgery

A long forehead is generally acceptable for the male, but not the female. Male foreheads often have a heavy bony ridge just above the eyes in a line beneath the eyebrows, which is called brow bossing.

Forehead bossing surgery is a facial feminization surgery that can involve brow shaving or surgically altering the bone. In severe cases, forehead bossing involves taking out the bone, reshaping it, and placed back in the skull. In some cases, forehead bossing requires small titanium wires or screws to hold the bone in place while it heals.

Forehead bossing can involve an implant or fill to round out a flat forehead, giving a more feminine appearance. Porous materials or acrylate fill are used for this type of forehead bossing to emulate bone.

Forehead Bossing Surgery Procedures

Forehead Bossing Surgery Recovery

Forehead Bossing Surgery Complications