Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) and
Brow Lifts

The area between the eyes and scalp, known as the brow, tends to be shorter in females. In men, the brow is slightly lower and the hairline is higher giving a longer forehead . Higher eyebrows offer a feminine look. The facial feminization surgery procedure of a brow lift can restore a more youthful, refreshed look to the area above the eyes. A brow lift is often combined with other facial feminization surgery procedures including reduction of forehead bossing and scalp advancement.

A brow lift is a facial feminization surgery procedure on soft skin. A brow lift tightens skin on the forehead and raises the eyebrows. A brow lift is usually done with an incision at the hairline, or from smaller incisions within the scalp hair. A brow lift opens up the face making one look less stern and tired.

A brow lift has no effect on the underlying bone, so its effect is not as dramatic as scalp alignment or the forehead bossing